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Tex-Mex Photos is here willing and able to cover your family’s photography needs. From a family portrait, to the bigger events like weddings and Quinceañeras is what inspires and gives me the strength to become better and give the best I can to my clients .

It is important to consider that pictures are meant to be displayed beyond your phone and social media, there are photos that you will love so much that you print and display around your house or your work space. Keeping this in mind is how we at Tex-Mex Photos operate. The end result must be ready to be printed and shown.

From the late 90s to now

Hi! I am Monica, owner of Tex-Mex Photos. I’ve been in the business since 1996 and each year that passes is one more year that I give my all to my clients. I aim to become part of the family, not just a one time photographer.

I enjoy the fact that I have had the opportunity to cover in my early years the quinceañera for some of my clients to later their wedding and even recently the quinceañera of their own kids, it has been solid proof to me that I deliver in my promise to satisfy my clients. After all I see them as part of the family as many of them have also accepted me and invited me to be part of theirs.

Covering Quinceañeras and Sweet Sixteens are my favorite.

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Some of the work I do can be found in the following posts.

Blue Dress


For the best service covering your quinceañera and making the…

Photography does not cover one member of the family only but the entire family.

We take pride in knowing we are able to work with all your family members, and cover all your family events and photo needs.

Quinceañera Celebration

One of the best life celebration and moments for our children. I have made my career working with moms and quinceañeras to help make this day perfect.

Wedding Photography

One day that truly is meant to be remember and is incredibly special. With our service all your needs for those special moments will covered. We take pride in our photo and video packages.

Life is a party.

From your first birthday party to your 21st birthday, even your 100th celebration. We are there to cover and create the memories you will cherish.

New Born

You can save that first smile with our new born services, our many years experience will make those first pictures unforgettable.


Sometimes we need more than just pictures, this is why video is offered in my packages. For those who want to hear the music and words said.

Family Photography

A family has more than one member, we know that each requires different things from life and the photographer. Our experience in the studio and out of the studio has taught us to understand those needs. Come, relax, enjoy and take new memories home.

Giving back to the community

It is important to help the community we live in.

As a member of several organizations in town I have always taken joy in not only donating my time and talent to certain events but making sure my community also prospers is key in my business mentality. Some of the organizations I belong help students achieve their dreams by supporting them with scholarships.

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The best studio in Stockton with photo services for all your family event needs.

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